[Case Study] Glass House Ranches – MegaDrive™ Lighting Technology

In any event, when regular circumstances are ideal, supplemental lighting can work on your general yield. This was the sort of thing Glass House Ranches of Carpinteria, CA found over the mid year of 2020, when they chose to direct an examination.

Glass House Ranches has been in the business for quite a while. They started out in St Nick Barbara in 2015, working with the witticism, “Quality and consistency, conveyed productively.” Starting from the get-go, a piece of their plan of action has been involving trial and error as a method for proceeded, predictable improvement.

Glass House has consistently had an orderly, information driven way to deal with developing. During each reap, they record every one of the circumstances carefully so they know precisely exact thing they accomplished and how they accomplished it. This permits them to adjust their strategies again and again to improve with each ensuing harvest.

This nearby meticulousness implied trying out the adequacy of supplemental lighting was simple for Glass House Homesteads. With a PC modified environment and water system framework, they had the option to test how transforming one single variable – the presence of supplemental lighting – impacted their general yield.

The Test
The group at Glass House needed to respond to one question – might they at some point get more out of their plants with the presentation of supplemental lights?

Given their California area, Glass House had the option to develop all year without an issue utilizing regular circumstances. Their plants didn’t require supplemental lighting to flourish. Indeed, even in the cooler months, there is still a lot of normal daylight. Notwithstanding, Glass House contemplated whether there was a method for improving.

Is it true that they were truly getting the most ideal yield with fundamentally regular light? On the off chance that supplemental lighting could further develop their yield essentially, this might be a beneficial speculation. They chose to test the viability of supplemental lighting with the new MegaDrive Nursery Lighting framework.

The Upsides of the MegaDrive™
MegaDrive made it simple for Glass House Homesteads to add supplemental lights. The framework is worked to augment productivity while fundamentally diminishing forthright and working expenses.

The mystery is the MegaDrive’s 10,000watt single power supply that takes approaching 480 volts through an autonomous breaker. This power supply is wall mountable, disposing of the requirement for power drops over the shade. It is equipped for approaching 30 400-watt Drove develop light apparatuses. These installations accompany double range control and separate channels for red and white, which can be diminished from zero to 100 percent, either physically or consequently.

MegaDrive likewise accompanies a remote Bluetooth control framework that works freely or incorporates with the most famous ecological regulators. The cloud-based information correspondence framework permits you to control capabilities from any Bluetooth gadget – and from practically anyplace on the planet.

This made it simple for Glass House to introduce and begin running supplemental lighting rapidly. Hanging the lights was a lot less complex without running drops to each installation. Controlling the lights by means of cell phones gave them a basic method for tweaking light ranges all through the develop cycle on a case by case basis.

MegaDrive gave them a more helpful, cheaper choice for testing the proficiency of supplemental lighting on their plants.

The Undertaking
Glass House began the primary cycle in June of 2020. While there was still a lot of regular light out, the weather conditions had been a piece hazy. This was the ideal chance to check whether supplemental lighting could help neutralize shoddy natural circumstances.

Glass House had the option to set up two separate areas of their nursery – one with supplemental lighting and one without. On account of the PC controlled conditions, they had the option to keep any remaining boundaries the equivalent. This established the ideal climate for a one next to the other examination. The main change between the two areas was the MegaDrive framework, so any distinctions in development and last yield could be ascribed to supplemental lighting.

Current Outcomes And Likely arrangements
In only three weeks, there were at that point signs the supplemental lights were working on the yield. As the blossoms developed, the buds were bigger on the plants become under the driven develop lights . They were additionally essentially bigger than the plants developing under regular daylight.

After the main collect, Glass House saw an almost 30% increment in completed item. This is especially prominent given these yields were gathered over the mid year, where normal light is at its pinnacle. They credited the productivity of the MegaDrive framework for this lift, especially the movable range control that permitted them to utilize red and white light at various places in the develop cycle.