Introduction Anantapur’s History and Tourism

Each city on the planet recounts the account of its set of experiences. The wealth of the story lies in how well the city has safeguarded its great past. The area of Anantapur has a delightful history of rich strict legacy and structurally engaging sanctuaries that draws in vacationers, antiquarians, nature darlings and admirers from across the world. Here is a concise history of the incredible city of Anantapur alongside the portrayal of a portion of the top vacation destinations.

History of Anantapur

The city of Anantapur is situated in the southwestern& Andhra Pradesh condition of southern India. The city lies on the fundamental street between& Hyderabad, the Telangana state and Bengaluru. The name of Anantapur is gotten from Ananda. This was the name of the spouse of the diwan who fabricated the city.

As indicated by the set of experiences books, the top of the Hande family got Anantapur as a gift from the then ruler of the Vijayanagara Kingdom. Subsequently, the area was administered by the Qutub Shahis, then, at that point the Mughals, and afterward the Nawabs having a place with Cuddapah. Eventually, the Nizams gave over the control of the district toward the East India Company in the wake of making an arrangement with them.

Towards the south of the city lies the primary grounds of Sri Krishnadevaraya University. The city of Anantapur additionally has other notable schools of science, expressions, and designing. The International Society for Krishna and Consciousness and Temple is additionally in Anantapur.

The city of Anantapur is known worldwide for the best high quality unadulterated silk sarees. There are numerous silk related enterprises arranged in the district. Also, most of the neighborhood populace is upheld by these ventures. The city of Anantapur is a significant center point for Silk exchange.

Vacation destinations in Anantapur

The city of Anantapur is popular for its old sanctuaries and posts, flawless silk sarees and the nearby cooking. The best an ideal opportunity to visit the region is between the long stretches of November and February. The top vacation spot of Anantapur city is the Ahobilam Temple. It is a lovely sanctuary complex, with sanctuaries of Chenchu Lakshmi Devi and Adi Lakshmi Devi inside.

Another top fascination of the city is the lovely Iskcon Temple of Anantapur. The sanctuary is implicit the state of a pony drawn chariot, and it is just 4km external the city.

An unquestionable requirement visit spot for sightseers is the superb Anantapur Clock Tower. This is the milestone of the city. The pinnacle stands tall in the street. It was worked during the beginning of India’s opportunity and fills in as a token of that time. One of the fundamental attractions of Anantapur is the Penukonda Fort. It is found almost 70-km from the fundamental city of Anantapur. The name of the post comes from the word Penukonda, which signifies “huge slope”.


Anantapur is a flawless city. Alongside its rich history and numerous vacation destinations, individuals are friendly and accommodating. It is a city which will consistently engage you with its delightful nearby food and the lovely notable tourist spots. Subsequently it is an incredible spot to visit and investigate.

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