The Greatest Challenges for IQF Processors

Snow development inside IQF coolers is emphatically connected to the course of drying out, which happens during freezing and is addressed by water misfortune through the item’s film when it meets the virus wind current inside the IQF burrow cooler.

During the course of lack of hydration, the items will likewise experience a deficiency of weight. The dampness that is moved from the item out of sight will soak it, and at the greatest place of air mugginess (100 percent immersed), snow is made. This peculiarity is called precipitation and it is equivalent to when downpour or snow is made out in the climate.

The main consideration answerable for the event of precipitation during the IQF cycle is the enormous amount of wet and warm item that connects with the cool temperatures inside the IQF cooler. After precipitation, the degree of immersion diminishes and, surprisingly, more dampness can be moved from the item to the air, prompting more weight reduction for the item shipped on the bedplate inside the cooler.

In this manner, in the event that snow development inside IQF coolers is a mark of item misfortune and drying out, how might we limit the degree of lack of hydration?

The course of precipitation and in this way sublimation, most importantly, should be held under a particular level, with the assistance of ideal optimal design which guarantees less disturbance of the wind current and better velocity.

To limit drying out you want to keep away from precipitation and in this manner sublimation, have better streamlined features (less disturbance of the wind current) and better velocity.

Taking into account that temperature varieties inside an IQF cooler are something typical, snow development can’t be totally forestalled at the same time, because of its high level plan includes, the IQF burrow cooler can effectively limit snow arrangement, expanding the yield of the general creation.

The IQF burrow cooler advantages of exceptional fans, which can be separately changed to guarantee the ideal speed for the ideal air speed and gaseous tension. Because of the great command over the streamlined features inside the IQF burrow cooler, the degree of air stickiness stays steady and the course of precipitation is fundamentally forestalled, guaranteeing a degree of item drying out somewhere in the range of 0,1% and 1%.

The truth of the matter is that the snow developing inside your cooler is item misfortune, and that is on the grounds that an IQF cooler is a shut framework and the moistness making the precipitation doesn’t have elsewhere to come from than from the items you are freezing.

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