Universe in Motion Parts IV Through VI

The Universe Complete


Request of the Universe

Burden to the individual who might figure the universe ought to follow their request, want, plan, and trouble to his certainty convincing others to think everything is saved in the ways of his conviction, and thinking!…
Rather than submitting himself modestly to the direction of provision, God, to partake in his finds, he leaves out focal point.
In the event that s/he and his sort could predict every one of the hardships they bring upon themselves as well as other people by not perceiving the full condition:
assuming that one thing is avoided with regard to the circle, it is incomplete;
assuming one thing is missing, something from everything is missing, and should be loaded up with something different that is disgraceful.
He tosses a spear into a crocodile’s eye to keep him under control, in case his devotees eventually, gain proficiency with reality other than his;
He has an ebon entry; he will cover history to save his affectation.
How then might truth at any point win, when truth is something like what you wish it to be, this day or that day, or some random day?
At the point when truth isn’t in disobedience, let it fall where it might, don’t solidify the heart to make it fit one’s biases.
Be a consistent with thyself, and be an honest researcher that understands what he doesn’t know-is something to be learned, if without a doubt s/he can be an audience.
Is it false: one ought to understand what one knows and doesn’t have the foggiest idea, yet ought to know how to find or what bearing to head to, to track down the solution to that knowing?
Realize that the universe streams underneath the windows of God’s eyelids.
What’s more, those with shut hearts, and brains are flung into dull waters to become nourishment for the beasts of the ocean!
Such a body won’t ever surface, swelled with seizures of agenizing cries, never to track down reality from the untruth.

The Universe Grows

The Universe grows like a husky man’s gut, in other words:
the Universe, in a like way: with all its infant and present stable suns and moons and planets, and circles and all its un-balancing out blasts, and dark openings and resurrections, and new systems, similar to the chunky man, swells.
Assuming there is a highlight where that’s it, who’s to say where that point is nevertheless God?
There is a finish to the universe, yet that end, broadens.
The Universe has extended for fifteen-billion years of development, from a mass of dark matters-star and con: like man’s programmed sensory system: energy versus energy, one pulling, and one easing off: a universe that was vacant, to a universe presently brimming with everything.
We live in its calm time, when it rests in a REM portion.
Still man resembles a jellyfish, he can’t figure out it, – to the extent that religious perspectives go-
These kind of individuals uninterested, such conceal their void, through avoidance, their voice emerges from the chasm of death, where lives their last and lethal light-; unconscious the universe of ‘before light’ and who gave that flash that touched off all.
They don’t have any idea, or wish to: the subject of development, its Universe, its Maker, isn’t put down for one, in one spot, yet for all, in existence:
to be accumulated like brilliant chunks, when God chooses inside His existence, permits, man to quit making child strides, and can jump;
Yet, we should not neglect, it is His, not our own.
It is an excursion, and we should take cues from God.
First the physical, then the profound, the boat won’t drift, differently.
From that point, we then should get all its importance from the entire and from its end.
We are the main civilizations in time past, struggling to get a handle on God’s development, His origination of the universe, since we have permitted God’s finished nonappearance inside our reasoning: which is similarly significant, to the general condition.
In time past this was a unimaginable thing.
Yet, it is at the present time, in the year A.D., 2016, God’s journey, is I accept to open another page, a door to ponders revelations:
to allow the fickle individuals to come in, or meander erratically into another circle assuming that they wish-
Furthermore, for the people who hold an opening to God’s mindfulness in this, s/he grasps history, and the wellspring of all power and understandings of God’s movement, in the Universe He made, and we live, and that extends.

#4257/6-4 and 5-2016

The Universe Interlaced


Man should not become resolved, terrible, or relentless, nor can he not stand to bear logical inconsistency!
The people who look long into the light are as a rule the ones earliest incurred with visual impairment (presumption and domineering)
Man, God, Matter, – God needs to overpower us with revelation, however together.
Disclosure should be above glorification
To man, science is a trinket, to God it is only a subterranean insect, man has found, and is finding out about, in His long index of physical science inside the universe
His modelers!
We are his artisans
He makes us compute, as though to say: the number of silk strings of ells will it take to cover Angkor Tank!
There is no appeal in this truckload of, doing it single-handedly!


The Living Universe


Under the Universe she touches as though with optimistic vigor, as though she drinks the sorcery of the divine beings.
She murmurs and extends: clearly she explodes, and puncturing she is.
She swells with shedding heat, and looped verminous clear light: streaming eyes, fair and fruitful.
She has a place with a desirous proprietor, who loathes no interruption, in case it ought to accompany fiendish purpose!
Also, considering themselves secure from his perceptions, remember He is her maker, as well as theirs!

The Universe is flexible, something living, continuously moving her substance generally moving: loaded up with circling globes, clouds shine, – hung like branches, and circled like horseshoes.
She wears a frayed tunic of issue, antimatter, particles.
She gobbles up suns, broken effectively under her teeth, enlarged, choked to a peculiar fever, threw into a dark opening, more extensive than earth’s planetary group, then passes them rapidly in her midsection
To her bemusement, she makes another worlds with new voices, tumbling from casual levels, from that old spent substance.
Her kind drums weighty with inauspicious reverberations, though of no language, looking into the thick limbs of her arrangement, to her Maker, she observes Him, He that motivated her creation!
Man ought to do in like manner!

Yet, man has lost himself into a nursery domain of dark natural product: blood dim organic product, and there he remains among the blended shadows of his brain, and says, ‘There is no God!’
Man has waved an extraordinary blade before God’s face, light has burned his vision, and he will regard himself as running-
Running himself off a topless precipice.
To a sinkhole mouth to be gobbled up.
And all he will hear is the giggling of the monsters devils actually consuming at damnation’s entry.
Also, in this way dove incontinently into the dim ebon hidden world.