Universe in Motion Parts I Through III

The Universe Moving
((In Story Graceful Composition) (and semi hexameter))

Part I of III

Forevermore, and all along
In a perpetual movement everything goes
Streams unruffled-: the sky above,
The pit underneath, the planets, stars, and the
Universe; bodies, nature, space, the pit,
The glimmering of thunderclaps, heat, cold,
Volcanic emissions, quakes, and the
Immensity of the entirety: follow their course
Through anything that movement time permitted them
By All-powerful God-everything is on the run-
All have an excursion, all in the spread of
Things, spread to each finish of creation!
All movement in the universe goes, streams
Without any trace of end. Man with his very
Eyes, can see things that tight spot things.
See reality twist, matter quiver!

Slope to slope, mountain to mountain, ocean to
Ocean, land to land’s end, and to the ocean’s end, and
The waterways, feeders, and nature, – for
Nature monitors all, the full body. One federal authorities,
The other, and all breed humankind by
The sacred appendages of God. Whenever divided
From its fit, by the silly, supplicate God sets
It once again into the right spot; or that God wouldn’t permit
It in any case! For it would have better
Not to have been, than to have all been
Dissipated wide and excluded. For by
Truth, nothing got everything rolling or balanced out
Without anyone else, and each and good to go, in its legitimate
Place. Nor did basic microorganisms express to each other:
How each ought to move, to be driven;
Compacted, and changed to make a blossom
Or on the other hand a plant, a bug, a tree… Then, at that point, by preliminary
Furthermore, mistake, endeavor to make a human!

God disallow this sort of movement and thing
For irresistible microbes to have priority
In creation, provided that this is true, would it be a good idea for them they choose
Then, at that point, to make incredible modifications what then, at that point?
Adjacent contacting, associating, connected,
To make humanity into devils and trolls?
Yet, God has discouraged such a plan,
Safeguarded what he has, tossed appropriate movement,
Make a difference to stream in the universe, seas.
What’s more, gravity to wave like the oceans from
Blasts; and for the powers of earth,
A shelter; and, a space rock belt, lumped
Obstructions, worked to move and influence, to shroud
Earth, from trespassers. What’s more, through appropriate
Equilibrium and movement: earth turns like a top,
Counterclockwise; and the moon circles the
Earth, counterclockwise, and the earth circles
The sun-unflinching counterclockwise…

What’s more, the bear, the fox, the wolf, the whale
What’s more, fire, the reptilian, the insect all with
Breath and air; and the plants take in Man’s
Carbon dioxide, and gives out oxygen…
One feeds the other, even Earth’s atmosphere
With Earth’s planetary group, all work together.

Could a well established microorganism, fruitful, fix this?
In a billion or more years? Without God’s
Drive, imagination? Does the
Microorganism, have a cerebrum, a long ways past God’s?

Can the proton, the electrons, inside
A cell, inside its core, act together,
Without God’s setting off life-demise movement?
Does it have a will, heart, inhale or a mind?
Who’s making the reproducing boundary, code?
The hereditary DNA; keeping infection far
Under control? The invulnerable framework, by flash possibility?
Vanity gives the moron dreams to embrace.

Vanity says: something comes from nothing;
That proper positions come from, blankness!
In other words, something from nothing is the
New reason, by some coincidence, which is contrariwise to
Man’s own far fetched physiological inconceivabilities.

The visually impaired drives the visually impaired, the numb-skull instructs his
Mistake, and hogwash is conceived separated from God.

How could it be that this happened?
This large number of moving things, always together…
The sun stops, however it’s moving
In its edge all in all, until its energy
Reduces, and falls on its
Own, losing its gravitational force and hold:
It gradually moves to its demise, a dark opening.

However such countless things conceal their movements,
When a remote place from us, too far to even consider review and study.
Indeed, even the basic scenes, the slope
The wooly groups, the mud scarab.
The variety in the grass, we are all
Obscured and bowed, as though standing a far distance-

The glow of the sun, its peaceful iotas
Speed down with its light, through God’s matter
Going down this vacant void, constrained
To warm the earth, gradually, and to sever on
To the rushes of air; particles of intensity
Regrets, outbreaths, trapped, enmeshed,
Each limited by God’s fingertips, checked and
Adjusted, ahead of time. Native iotas
With their old, intense and basic strength.

We are a youthful animal varieties gathering information
On time, space, life, matter, energy, with
A primitive past… , nor are we a
Enduring species, years to be counted
A few times over on our fingertips:
To investigate God’s miracles, we should rush!

Should the sharpness of room,
Its arrangement, its bewildering weight and strength,
Would it be a good idea for it move drowsily after some time and space
Furthermore, should God not have protected its
Unique plan, – for: possibility, threatening
Franticness and strangeness, removing potential outcomes
For possibility and rhyme?

The red desire of frenzy would have stepped in
Furthermore, – what God has set up, possibility
Would have made old, and unrealistic!

The Universe Unfurled
Part II of III

Concerning movement, unfurl these considerations: look
Into the skies, that in no savvy way,
Might nature of the world, the universe at some point be constructed
By some other means than divine plan, power-; what flaws
Do you see as troubled with? All the load upon
The earth: grains and trees, mountains and oceans do
Not jump to the sky… be that as it may, similar to the top of a vault
Stays set up. Wood and shaft, our bodies-
The elephant and the whale, all the weight
Under the earth, its magma, its plates,
The outside of the earth, all inside and without, does
Not climb, rise like the breeze, to the void
Void: past the moon! Venus, Mars… to the sun!
Fire and blazes shift to the air, rise overtop,
And afterward drop: what drives them back down?
Meteors wreck before they hit the ground;
If not, they splatter scantily. The 12 PM
Meteorites fire up the sky, as does the
Fiend’s star, the comet, with long red hot, fierceness tails
Like the Mythical serpent. Also, the heavenly bodies drop to
Earth’s view, while earth turns on top of a needle!
From one corner to another: comes downpour, hail, light,
Heat, all clamoring, from far beyond
Also, out of the mists, crisscrossing, falling back
Practical! Why not the alternate way! God
Has made earth’s atmosphere like a layered cake.
Furthermore, should the unaided eye look energetically,
Through a telescope s/he will see the universe
Sprinkled with universes, all revolving, disturbed
In and with movement. Wrinkled by extraordinary waves
Fifteen-billion years really taking shape. Invigorated,
With gravity: the universe taking quantum jumps,
With new understandings, and Relativity:
Drawing bodies toward bodies as issue keeps
Moving like the outer layer of an ocean, with its
Gravitational waves and surprising accuracy…
Also, reproducing new worlds from dark openings.
In this way, is it not the universe our darling,
Colorful home! Surprising, fascinating,
Continuously communicating, consistently moving…

The intersection
Part III of III

Considering all that I have said, we are
Presently at the intersection where lives the Universe
What’s more, God-Production of the universe is
Covered first essentially; and afterward by science.
Science making God unreasonable, an artifact.
Also, too we have religious camouflage
Of the universe, its movement, its creation!
Why! For effortlessness, to deal with confidence.
You should accept the physical, then the profound.
To figure out God, is to comprehend the
Universe, maybe not so in contrast to a fishbowl
What’s more, God, above it, gazing down into it:
Or then again God, venturing into it, while as yet looking
Downward on it. The Universe and Creation
Was made with the thought it is to be lived
With movement, so as to venerate.