Spiritual Awakening!

“I’m apprehensive about Death,” said my grown-up niece.

I don’t have the foggiest idea why this shocked me, however it did. Her dread stopped the whole discussion since it was excessively solid to the point that she was unable to try and discuss it.

Demise is a characteristic interaction that we as a whole involvement with 3-D. It happens to everybody at that degree of Consciousness.

So for what reason do we fear it?

Programming – by strict associations to control us, to keep us in the dread network of 3-D duality awareness.

The supposed Covid is being utilized to revv up our feelings of dread and send us spiraling into messes, frenzy, fear, and ghastliness. This keeps us from thinking plainly, from posing inquiries undesirable by the public authority and other people who look to control us.

The “lockdown” is promoted as an approach to keep individuals from becoming ill, yet it truly is being utilized to disconnect us, to restrict our actual contact, which we should be solid truly and inwardly.

The objective appear to be to keep us little, restricted, apprehensive, and separated, and to get us to infuse our bodies with whatever the regulators decide to place into what they are calling an antibody.

However, and this is an exceptionally enormous BUT, there is SPIRITUAL GOOD NEWS on the off chance that you decide to zero in on that chance.

Imagine a scenario in which this entire circumstance is intended to get individuals to TURN WITHIN. To move away from all that they clutched that keeps them restricted and little, and to offer them a chance to address all that they thought was valid and genuine with regards to their lives.

While there is turmoil, there is freedom to for new development to arise, new decisions to be made, new undertakings to be capable.

Also, the best experience of everything isn’t, as Star Trek would have you accept, to go “where no man [or woman] has gone previously.”

The best experience is to GO WITHIN and once again find your Divinity, your True Self, and your endless Divine nature.

This whole circumstance of lockdowns and covers, and manipulation through scare tactics messages, (for example, being advised to “stay safe” 100 times each day) has the advantage, i.e., significant Gold Nugget of giving you reality to investigate your life, to settle on new decisions, to liberate you from your dependence on the material world, and to turn you back to your Soul, to your Divine Self.

On the off chance that dread of death is keeping you little, you may peruse a few books about NDE (Near Death Experiences). There are numerous acceptable ones out there. They all exhibit that what you accept is the thing that you make.

The vast majority who have NDEs find the Divine Truth of Infinite Love is promptly accessible to them. They discover that they are the one in particular who is passing judgment on them. They regularly find their Soul Purpose, and return to 3-D Consciousness with a powerful urge to satisfy that reason.

There are alternate approaches to find your Soul’s motivation. You don’t must have a NDE to discover what it is. The significant thing to recall is that your Soul has a reason for your life.

Keep in mind, you have effectively been informed that:

God is Love.

You were made from Love.

The Divine Self lives inside you as You.

Boundless Love is the main Truth.

All the other things is fantasy.

What will you pick? What sort of reality would you like to keep on encountering?

One dependent on dread?

Or on the other hand one dependent on Love?

One dependent on duality and struggle?

Or on the other hand one dependent on solidarity and participation?

One dependent on constraint?

Or on the other hand one dependent on extension, which prompts incredible encounters of imagination, satisfaction, and Love?

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