Epic of Gilgamesh, and the Book of Enoch) The Passing of Enkidu

No human foot, henceforward had moved toward the grizzled half-human looking monster!
Furthermore, provided that this is true, if some had seen him, by what name could they have called him by, other than oddity or monster? He had none.
Nobody had recently searched him out, it would be in time said: the divine beings sent him.

Whereupon one morn, a youthful fellow was scanning the woods for organic product, and happened upon this oddity –
The juvenile stood stone-actually, similar to white marble, dazed as a white burial chamber of salt –
Thus, he didn’t mumble a word, a breath, however ran back home to tell his dad of what he saw; and of what to said, he portrayed a furry primate looking evil spirit of some un-descript mankind in him, smart at that.
What’s more, the dad told Ruler Gilgamesh of Uruk, his kid’s story.

Clarified his dad for the Lord, “The kid looked astounded of what kind of person he may be, and the woods being his entire home; he ate and drank like the creatures, however had human readiness, inflexible, structure.”

Enkidu’s house, was the backwoods, it shielded him peacefully from the external world around him, a type of isolation
He lived and rested in the outside, compared to, and with different monsters, and reptiles, primates.
He meandered generally by the tidal pond he related to, and its feeders.
He meandered where he was most recognizable, that had a lot of vegetation, greenery buddies, of the most surprising kind, and wide-leaved grasses.
The man-monster, yet anonymous, fundamentally was engrossed with explaining and grouping and memories of the present.
For this, it was a more problematic thing, than one could suspect.

His contemplations and sensations were inquisitively befuddled.

His psyche went from dim to dim as a rule; from that point to completely dark, to insensibility –
For it was that he basically arose one day, compared to Adam from the Nursery of Eden, and had no memory of what occurred quite a bit early!
As though it was whipped from his memory, by some witchcraft.

It is said, the divine beings made him to buddy with Gilgamesh (mythical being, more wicked than human), for he, Lord of Uruk, was among his kin, a most hypersexual creature, a mythical being who took freely spouse and girls of whomever he satisfied and did with them anything that his delights were to be for that day or night.
His dad being Lugalbanda (Little Ruler).
Watchman and divinity of Uruk (brought into the world from the spirits of delight, whom were tossed to earth from the ridges of paradise).

It was likewise said, any semblance of one of the Watchers (like Azaz’el or Semyaza) those radiant rebels who cohabitated with human females in those pre-flood gaunt days brought forth a she-fiend, who lived together with a male, and brought forth Enkidu.
Then, at that point, left the angel in the backwoods profound, with devils to take care of him and watch over him in his rest, to his masculinity.
Furthermore, subsequently, this is the manner by which he got his powerful physical make-up, similar to Gilgamesh’s level and strength; however just a 10th of what Humbaba was.

Yet, who were those Other-worldly Rebels thus called watchers?

(Break: It is to be sure bizarre, the Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Shamhat, and the Saintly Mavericks from the Hebrew Scriptures Pseudepigrapha-these compositions ought to have fallen all the more quickly under the control of any kind of future family, yet rather fell into semi-blankness into a to some degree fancy heartfelt style, however presently, despite their reach and entrance, I remove them from their unavoidable verbal magic, and remove them from unaccountability:
Who were these lead celestial hosts, seraphs, and seraphim, Watchers of Earth, who moved throughout the earth like gravitational waves?
Who navigated the twist of time?
Jumped through dark openings to torment earth, and became spirits of joy.
Who transmitted unadulterated energy once, as though having within them the mass of a star!
Who were not expose to the waves in that frame of mind of reality, created by interstellar brutal occasions! Proliferated at the speed of light…
They we God’s castaways, cast-outs; those careless fallen holy messengers, those banished from paradise for conspiracy; who gave earth goliath children… mixture mythical beings?)

Enkidu, the man-monster, likewise called ‘The Wild One’, lifted his head a hint, when he’d drink from the tidal pond’s stream.
Filter the standards, and geology with his fringe vision, to check whether there were any juxtaposing hunters –
With immense exertion he stood erect, over and over again stooped a lot of in the woodland, in this manner it was attempting on occasion to curve his back.

He was companion to all the backwoods, sparkling and tremendous was his appearance: he lived among the tangled creepers, the venomous snakes, and desperate monsters: the creatures tricked him evermore, yet he had a secret of some endlessness.

He longed for blossoms more pleasant, of trees high and masterful.
He cherished the backwoods with an odd and unfortunate reverence.
Furthermore, generally, people stayed away from this risky lush region of the woods: consequently, he knew none.
Nobody gravitated toward to the edge of the prohibited segment, where the massive Humbaba was, saying his heart beat resembled loud drums.

Not even Enkidu.

Enkidu ‘The Wild One’ dozed by the edge of antiquated trees in the Cedar Timberland, additionally home to the massive Humbaba, gatekeeper for the celestial mavericks, and diving beings; yet Enkidu stayed away
He was very much aware of his profound and green shadow and his loud thunder.

Accordingly, he remained with the worried plants, played with the exquisite formed fall leaves, and the many butterflies.
As well, the emerald and red birds.
Indeed, even he’d step endlessly further into the emerald unhappiness, yet he dreaded just Humbaba, and never ventured past a specific point, not yet.

Cheerful was his spirit, unconscious of progress, or the human female.

In an honest way, and psyche, he picked many blossoms, smelt the intoxicating fragrances.
And afterward one day Shamhat, ‘The Upbeat One’ showed up undeniably spread out on the grass by the tidal pond, stripped.
Her magnificence, any semblance of Aphrodite, sent by Gilgamesh to allure and humanize him, to be his buddy, for Gilgamesh had no equivalent.
Shamhat, exceptional, priestess of Ishtar from Uruk, tempted him from the tidal pond, to her side.

Also, she showed him unique and new things.
Also, he lost himself to her among the trees and monsters.
Furthermore, they partook in a multi day sexual odyssey, to which he had been twisted body and soul.
Put into a long fantastic rest.
At the point when he emerged from his sleep, canine tired, he tracked down his life past recovering.
His previous lifestyle was some way or another incredible and remote.
He was exceptionally frail and unbalanced, searching for consumable organic product.

In a nutshell, when he had intercourse to Shamhat, his body was solid and hard, and his heart pounding like shoot.
He felt tipsy, and from that point, limp, exactly what happed?
He was bewildered, stunned in a weak state.
For his specific stayed firm as a stump of a tree, and he took part in copulation for seven days, without rest.
It was all similar to a weighty wave, without a very remarkable break.
Also, the creature in him was restrained.

What’s more, the trees developed lighter, and his creature companions strayed, they knew him not.
What’s more, he was sleepy and dazed, and he presently not rose to the sun, or permitted it to wake him.
Also, his previous lifestyle blurred, sank down to a never-ending nothing.

Also, Shamhat accomplished her plot, and distribution.

Untimely ideas

Those supposed rebels, Watchers, Fallen Heavenly messengers, descended from the fathomless deeps of existence –
Not initially to step themselves on the substance of mankind however to look after them.
They like Enkidu, were quieted into power, vanity, and pride and toward the end desire.
In this manner, trampled humankind however they sees fit they could;
Also, those prehumen wicked powers, were built up to do moreover!
Furthermore, in this manner came diabolism.

Furthermore, since a long time ago has it been since this occurred.
What’s more, the people who have endure God’s wrath, since a long time ago have become quiet, for a period being.

Furthermore, for man today I understand not their viewpoints for him, but rather I really do realize they know, their time develops short.
The number of stay, just Satan their back up parent knows, other than God himself.
What’s more, Satan the Incomparable Winged serpent, will gather them forward into time, anon.

There will be no more tranquility here on the planet, and in the event that there ought to be, it will be misleading.
Satan realizing that time is brief, what he has intended to do, will do.
For this reason I have composed this record, the fixing of Enkidu, is as we see, the fixing of the current day world, and America for sure.
What’s more, it will be finished before our countenances, to ridicule God: like Sodom and Gomorra, similar to Revolutionary Islam, similar to those whom the sum total of what they have is lack of concern to their neighbor and comparable –

What’s more, presently I should make an end, and excursion this composing forward to float upon the flood of time, and let it fall between shadows to shadow.

Composed 6-15 and 16 – 2016 (#5278)

Note: in the beyond a quarter century the writer has perused three unique records, interpretations, of the Epic of Gilgamesh, and this is his view just of a specific segment inside the Incomparable Legendary, written in stone sections around 1700 B.C., and the event around 2750 B.C. The Incredible itself is viewed as the fourth most prominent story at any point down on paper, to which even outperforms ‘The Book of Work’ (the story returns to around 2200 B.C.) and ‘The Iliad and Odyssey’ (the Trojan Conflict being around 1250 B.C., and the Epic being expounded down on 800 B.C.) The writer has taken experiences from the Epic of Gilgamesh, and the ‘Book of Enoch,’ (expounded down on 200 B.C. seventh from Adam, Adam returning to around 8700 B.C. somewhere around there as per Jewish legend?) to recount to his story, “The Death of Enkidu” with its ‘Reconsiderations’ for humanity today, or present day man.