Beyond Strange World (Planet Reversal Last Episode With Dr. McGee) X

At the point when Dr. McGee passed on my office to examine a matter concerning Venus and Saturn, alongside its moons, he left with me his reminders on his examination cutting-edge on the issue he was assembling. Some way or another I was not hopeful I’d not see him again in the tissue. I had no questions he-as consistently had found something, after he had meant something about hand-tomahawks made of rock 700,000-quite a while back found on a Norfolk ocean side, a new hatchet made of basalt 49,000 years of age, then alluding to the principal Sumerian Lord, A-lu-lim, 241,000 B.C., and the north and south poles being switched by earth’s attractive undetectable safeguard which apparently occurred 778,000-a long time back, he called it: ‘Planet Inversion’ and afterward he returned home, sat in seat, had cardiovascular failure and kicked the bucket. My old Armed force companion, and logical confidant, very much like that. The burial service occurred in Alabama yesterday, and his composition, or updates he abandoned for me to contemplate on, a stage into the strange cloud-enwrapped planet earth, as it was maybe known to humankind or its occupants, per close to a long time back, data impossible had he not left them with me.

As I began perusing them in my office today after his memorial service yesterday, a bizarre, ostensibly ridiculous world we had back in those distant days, thus now I will let Dr. McGee recount to his own story in a way that would sound natural to him as I read the composition, however a couple of pages long in its whole, to be his verbal copyist, the generic quality of my job being his explainer:

“They were dull haired individuals called ‘pimples’ and communicated in an agglutinative language, like the Old Turkish (Turanian). I in all actuality do accept they came from a different universe, maybe Venus, Saturn, or one of their moons, or one of the numerous 4000-planets presently found by our interspace telescopes, looking through the worlds, particular the 100 cosmic systems taken cover behind the Smooth Way, with their endless planetary groups and planets:

“I found a guide, bought it, it was a redrawn map from around the fifteenth 100 years, which was a copy of an earlier guide I was recounted a more old sort. I followed the guide back to Lord A-lu-lim, the principal known Sumerian ruler, 241,000 B.C. His tradition administered five to six realms, one being Antarctica. His district alone endured 28,800-years, and his line as I referenced returned to, 241,000 B.C., from there on forward. Until the subsequent line came into to play 24,510-years was its length, and the three or four or five traditions from that point, maybe enduring 3000 to 3500-years a piece. Any reasonable person would agree, the Sumerian race returns to maybe 300,000-years or something like that, when, during this period the guide was initially made. Furthermore, on the guide, Antarctica was a tasty green expanse of land.

“Presently we should hold a receptive outlook to this. One secret prompts another, and things don’t get tackled except if another perplexing problem shows up, thus Lord A-lu-lim whom I accept had the guide unique endlessly made a ways off over the earth, and preceding his approaching to earth, maybe from some space apparatus, since it is a view sitting above the globe.

“To simplify the story to comprehend I’m forsaking any conventional expressions in physical science, or grips, and attempt to make sense of how this all happened in pretty much humble manner, yet I should expect the Lord and his space travelers came from some planet, I pick Venus, despite the fact that it might have been anyplace among the star planets. The Lord, maybe the Skipper of the rocket, was bold by his own doing, hacking his direction through space, wonder whether or not to leave any genuine information on his outing about his excursion, other than the guide, ousting the well explored parts of the planet of mixture humanoids. In any event, staying away from somewhat their presence, maybe involving them for work purposes, when need be.


“Before the Ruler’s appearance, around 778,000 B.C., one more happening was in process, inside earth, and outside it, and around it. Earth’s fierce and undetectable attractive field and safeguard, was taking an inversion.

“As we probably are aware inside earth’s liquid center, here smooth movements produce this field, nearly 3000 km underneath our feet. In a whirling assessment of fluid iron, this is the very thing that causes a compass to do what a compass should do, and furthermore makes the impacts, as in the attraction in rocks and sea flows. Accordingly, we have this attractive ‘bubble’ that safeguards us from space radiation, presently debilitating. Would it be advisable for it debilitate unreasonably, north will turn out to be south and south, north! Yet again this very thing was occurring 780,000 B.C., gradually, maybe finished 250,000 B.C., which we can close Antarctica was green before this, whereupon, the Sumerians in its initial eight lords, would have survived this cycle change, of the mass attractive field diminishing at its midsection and turning around itself, changing the seasons in the south predominately and forever, or possibly as of not long ago, as it is evolving.

“This change force, should be visible in the attractive north, which is off more frequently than 400-miles any given day, and the topographical North, is never equivalent to the attractive north as we probably are aware, and perchance figure it ought to be. This course happens in earth’s all’s fluid movement inside her east-west variance stream.

“Presently back to our dear Sumerian Rulers, what has been going on with their traditions? For the old administrations died, and the lesser traditions became possibly the most important factor, those that administered for 3500-years or somewhere in the vicinity. By 70,000 B.C., the entire course of earth’s inversion had occurred. What’s more, along these lines, a sad occasion occurred, that per close to disappeared earth’s humanoids to termination. Also, the Sumerians in like manner, really the review shows the extraordinary dunk in humankind to around 5000-complete, male, female, old, youthful, kids, and the whole of humanoids and sub humanoids. Of them, maybe forty-Sumerians made due, of which out of this, around 7600 B.C., the principal Line of Erech appeared. In any case, what occurred on the island of Sumatra, in Indonesia, and in the South China Ocean region, during an Ice Age, Toba, a spring of gushing lava ejected; a number ‘8’, of a super goliath extent, the best volcanic emission in notable times. It blew 650 miles of disintegrated rock up high. Leaving an extraordinary part of earth with six centimeters of debris, it cooled the earth by twenty degrees, and what was left of humankind, were basically little groups of people, eager and dispersed for 50,000-years. Also, the tradition of the Sumerian Rulers.” Dr. B. G. McGee