Tips to Before Light (Or: ‘Terrestrial Darkness’)

The World’s Nighttime Age

In the hour of heavy obscurity, when the night was more seasoned than the sun-or so it gave the impression, for ages, inside earth’s nearby planet group, a period among reality, that can’t be represented yet was, the point at which the earth agonized for the sun, and the moon had a miasma poisonous impact, a strange night light crawling through the profound barometrical haze of earth, attempting to enter its eldritch dimness, yawning to reveal a hint of smooth insight upon earth, being nevertheless a couple of beams at its most brilliant second and sharing yet a 10th of that, at 12 PM was the world’s nighttime age.

During the end of this period, earth’s satanic race was anticipating its one time ruler, Lucifer; however the sublime fight was so unforgiving it disturbed the entire planetary group; accordingly, came the nighttime ages, one going to another. Also, hence, little to nothing, life in all structures needed to scarcely endure the drawn out night, which goes for earth’s foliage, and ocean life, to incorporate, among the left over authentic pieces of mankind or subhuman humankind, life that had made due in the classes of darkness, they endure somewhere down in the profound ebon hollows of caverns and underground caves; it was a hidden world sea as such.

With respect to any semblance of three decision evil presence of the time: Curve Fiend Belphegor (Lord and leader of five armies), Agaliarept, to be in time, Lucifer’s thug, and leader of three armies, and Amsodeus, more wizard than demon apparently, from the dark expressions. All knew about the extraordinary fight in paradise, followed the news bit by bit as it sank, and floated apparently starting from the stars to them, and those evil presence feeling God embarrassed Lucifer once their authority and boss, and in this way, were anticipating to follow Lucifer at his every order, as completed 66% of paradise’s radiant mavericks, who were presently banished on the moon, for conspiracy. Belphegor and his crowd were a fretful crowd, however all the equivalent faithful to Lucifer.

Where Lucifer was, nobody knew except for everybody knew upon the arrival of light, he’d show up, with his saintly powers, and to meet his satanic powers.

A portion of the occupants that lived in the underground world, at this period, outsider, or whatever, possessed more mechanical brainpower than typical ones, in that two cells inside their cerebrums with two neurons, pursued choices for them, like one for craving and one for food. They were called by the evil spirit, ‘The Tenants’ they thought similar as the snail.

The other part of mankind, were exposed creatures, anonymous, with long whiskers, hair tangled with ooze, a few tall, the older folks with bowed backs, imbecilic in looks, they talked in snorts, and gibbered confused stops, the more first class, with monosyllables. This was left of humankind’s ruffian remainder of earths’ over a significant time span; both were becoming terminated.

During this time of earth’s drying out, these itinerant conductor families, ebbed profound into the base underlying foundations of earth’s covering, searched out underground lakes, fish, reptilian meats, worms, bugs, each type of bug, a horrendous repugnance for humanity and evil spirit the same, and for those celestial rebels left on Earth’s Moon, a tortured bad dream.

Among those rulers on the moon, were Azaz’el, who might in time, educate and instructed during this dim age, treacheries, and there was Semyaza, who might in time be the extraordinary fornicator, and Asder’el, who educated of the planets, and was doing precisely that on the moon: showing how the Universe was extending as new bodies and current blasts occurred, pushed the universe outward, as a chunky man could eat until he is swollen. Furthermore, he showed about Jupiter’s extraordinary cloud storms, its alkali ice mists. Other than that, they were all looking out for the moon, to complete their most memorable request of contrition?

The Lunar Nighttime Ages

God’s Child, presently Commandant and Boss, had battled with Lucifer, and Lucifer was pushed off sky bluffs, whereabouts on the planet, he handled, who’s to say? Furthermore, his following, radiant mavericks were unloaded on earth’s moon which was liquid hot, at that point.

It was the point at which the moon obtained gigantic bombardments, when space rocks, and comets brought lumps of their substances, trash, to the moon’s surface, when shooting stars periodically arrived at the moon clearing their path through the space rock belt; inside these stones, and stones were stores of water, water-rich with carbonaceous chondrite, Moon-water, that sizzled and brought ferruginous dust, to those high positioning mavericks anticipating. These crude space rocks, made volcanic ejections which made volcanic rocks retain water, – inside the moon’s walloped liquid stone. Inside those stones were natural particles. Fundamentally, one could possibly drain the water out of the stone, and maybe many accomplished for need of thirst. However, generally these sprinkling of waters were covered somewhere inside the moon, over the natural course of time, during this dull lunar nighttime age, the moon turned into a more sensible territory for the saintly race, that didn’t require oxygen.

This was when God was moving Jupiter and other external planets set up (after the extraordinary disturbance in paradise), resetting their circles, making our Planetary group once again, so as not to affect planet Earth.
Regardless, let me go onto the reason of this Vignette.

A geochemist endlessly probably won’t concur with this, however would it be advisable for them they fix the firmly bound water up in moon shakes, a hint of water will arise (magmatic – water). Thus the moon was an ongoing spot briefly in time, and a horrendous spot to be shipped off for detainment for treachery, which is the current situation for these rebel heavenly messengers, alongside a vast jail in some distant cloud. However, when this period of obscurity was to reached its end, Lucifer would show up indeed, as would be the contrition for the rebels decreased to earth.

Thus Lucifer enlarged by the breath of his devotees, anticipated his fame to show up face to face, as his three Celestial Rebels brushed Lucifer’s savage nature into his 200-million adherents, with the privileged insights of paradise, just to transform them into dull necromantic insider facts. Thus to each other showed the artworks of the multitude of known insider facts of paradise to his following, and they generally gained a lot of questionable information, of the prohibited, as anon they would instruct to humankind and the evil spirits anticipating their appearance.

So as to be, – both evil spirit and celestial maverick, and those among Adam’s legacy that followed this specialty, they would be called wizards, in addition to other things, for this was a venturing stone into the heavenly, even among the devils they couldn’t hold the extraordinary force of the Radiant Rebels without their sanctifications: all such lessons to be kept in protection, in some type of knowledge versions, compared to dark books of wizardry, which were to continue in times yet to be: to be covered for ages, in the personalities of Lucifer’s devotees, and afterward remembered, and afterward exposed when light reappeared on endlessly earth took on a more steady climate; in other words, when God took light back to the full earth, and permitted them passage.