Teachers and Counselors

Educators and Counselors, Help Your Students Become Career Explorers

As educators and instructors, you assist understudies with investigating vocations.

You help your understudies as they look for significance, reason, and bearing.

You see their abilities.

You know their inclinations, capacities, and abilities.

You assist understudies with making arrangements for what’s to come.

You get understudies. You realize that understudies –

Are interested

Love brilliant, mixed media introductions

Utilize their faculties and minds in profession investigation

You have looked for apparatuses that will assist you with opening their possibilities.

Tips for Finding the Right Career Tool

Vocation instruments assist your understudies with investigating who they truly are. Vocation devices incorporate profession tests, appraisals, games, sites, and books. Vocation tests answer the inquiry “Who am I?” Career evaluations bring up your understudies’ preferences, abhorrences, or interests. Child vocation devices ought to be fun, instructive, and not exhausting.

Quest for the asset that addresses your understudies’ issues. Take a gander at the advantages. Discover tests, evaluations, games, sites, and books that are –

Eye engaging

Simple to utilize

Loaded with assets

With the right asset, understudies are prepared to –




Pose inquiries

Appreciate finding what their identity is

Gain information, intelligence, and comprehension

A powerful profession device inspires your understudies to investigate vocations. Imaginative profession devices construct an establishment for more nitty gritty vocation investigation.

Stage One: Select a Career Test

How would you pick the right vocation test? See 3 significant regions –

Organization, for example Printed, CD-ROM, or on-line

Cost – $10, $12, $15, $20 or more

Assets – Information on interests, abilities, and professions

At the point when you take a gander at a lifelong test, ask yourself the accompanying inquiries –

What do your understudies like? Printed or on-line profession test?

What is your financial plan for the tests?

What assets do you have? Do you have a PC lab?

Discover profession tests that your understudies are keen on and that give important data about vocations and your understudy’s advantages. See vocation tests that utilization notable profession models. Match understudies’ advantage groups to profession or occupation codes. Use more up to date shading coded profession tests that just vocation models. The utilization of tones further develops ability to focus, fixation, memory abilities, and comprehension. As understudies develop more established, keep on utilizing profession models grow their insight into vocations and school majors. There are an assortment of vocation tests for youth, undergrads, and grown-ups.

Stage Two: Explore Career Web Sites and Books

Profession tests plan understudies to investigate vocations. Assemble data about fun, enlightening, and appealing vocation investigation sites and books. Search for sites and books that give profession data about –



Profession standpoint





Comparative vocations

Instances of child profession investigation sites and books are –

Profession Ship

What Do You Like

Eek! Find a new Line of work



Youngster’s Occupational Outlook Handbook

Profession Ideas for Kids Book Series

I Want To Be Book Series

Profession investigation is a cycle. As educators and advisors, use assets that make your excursion agreeable, instructive, and successful. Plan fruitful child vocation investigation campaigns.

Dr Mary Askew has some expertise in vocation tests, sites, and books for understudies. Understudies need eye engaging, simple to utilize, yet extensive vocation assets. Discover how understudies can arrive at their profession possibilities at http://www.hollandcodes.com. Contact Dr. Aslant at [email protected]

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