Some Interview With Ray DICE Man Semko

You could currently know that I run two digital broadcasts: DoDSecure and Running and Obstacle Race Training. I as of late consulted Ray D*I*C*E Man Semko on my web recording DoDSecure. I truly want to believe that you can get to the digital broadcast as there are numerous subjects covered from exceptional status to safeguarding ordered data.

What struck me more than anything was his drive and center driving him to his marking of D*I*C*E which represents Defensive Information Countering Everything. This is the very thing he calls the “anchor point” thus much is worked around it. He maintained that a way for people should zero in on the thing is significant concerning public safety. DICE gives something other than a guard sticker or trademark, but instead a development that has set out seriously revealing open doors and has really prompted the catch of a covert operative.

The DICE idea required a long time to create and get on. At first, Ray was booked to give a security mindfulness instructions and he understood he needed to have an anchor or something to fabricate the concentration around. At that point, the U.S. Armed force had a trademark well in progress at that point and many might recall Subversion And Espionage Directed Against the Army or SAEDA. This was a hard abbreviation to recollect for some. I recall the trouble I had applying it as a virus war officer and at whatever point asked wound up answering. “Syrup And Eggs Do not Agree (SAEDA)”.

Presently Ray had a potential chance to foster something unique and seized the opportunity subsequent to being authorized by his manager to do as such. “So this is my opportunity to be unique, to break new ground. Also, I’m thinking, OK, what am I going to would and this is where securing entered my care,” he says. “Assuming you are ready for that second, you don’t have the foggiest idea what that second will be. You don’t have any idea what it what will involve, yet on the off chance that you are really ready by realizing your occupation by believing in yourself to play out your work, all parts of it, anything that you’re called upon to do,” he proceeded.

It took him 14 years to arrive at that point. Presently he had the anchor point or an important thought. One consequence of that specific anchor point, D*I*C*E is that a DIA worker felt that they expected to report worries about Ana Montes, a senior Cuban examiner at the Defense Intelligence Agency. She ended up being an undeniable level, long haul entrance of the US Intelligence Community by the Cuban insight administration.

“… it’s really written in the book (sic. Genuine Believer: Inside the Investigation and Capture of Ana Montes, Cuba’s Master Spy). Well, there have been a few group who have revealed on the grounds that individuals who pay attention to my briefings and it sticks with them. They see something weird here, dubious. They announced it to the security individuals and security individuals made the best decision and researched in each angle.”

Presently when individuals see dice in a game, swinging from a back view reflect, or at a swap meet in Greece, they consider Ray D*I*C*E Man Semko, and for good explanation; he made the anchor point.

During the meeting, I posed Ray another inquiry:

“So let me let me pull that string a tad since I feel that that is a valid statement. We talked last week and that’s what you referenced. ‘You know, Jeff, I’m not security, but rather I’m counterintelligence’, and that was a valid statement since you know things that security individuals don’t have the foggiest idea and all we get our briefings about Walker and Montas and this large number of others. In any case, how would you get applicable forward-thinking data? Is that accessible to security supervisors?”

Indeed, that is the way we have during the current week’s episode of DoDSecure. So join our digital recording or read our impending article where Ray responds to the inquiry, “what other asset is are out there that security administrators can pull from to give pertinent and practical preparation?”

Moves toward Getting the Facility and Personnel Security Clearance are accessible in our impending book likely named Insider’s Guide to Security Clearances. You can pre-request now.

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