The Chicken Came Along

I was unable to quit giggling when I read Anne-Marie’s (not her genuine name) story:

We as of late purchased a smallholding and to expand our pay, we are occupied with raising ovens. They range unreservedly in the yard.

One of the cockerels tracked down a decent warm space under the bakkie and settled himself there without us knowing.

We were going to your book send off that evening and Mr. Cockerel chose: “I’m not getting off in Stellenbosch!”

Back at home (it came down the entire way and huge loads of slick water probably splattered the underside of the vehicle), the neighbors’ dachshund begun making the most irregular commotions under the bakkie.

The following second the canine showed up from under the bakkie with the chicken in his mouth.

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Everyone said there was no saving this chicken – cleave its head off.

Luckily, I didn’t have the foggiest idea how to do it and picked the path of least resistance – I nestled the helpless thing before the warmer in one of my warm shirts.

Today, it’s sitting before the warmer, being treated with Panado and chicken feed.

This made me can’t help thinking about the amount we esteem life: The chicken is worth R35 – the vet will charge me beyond what the benefit I could make from the entire pack. Do we esteem individuals so much?

The previous evening, when my family thought it was every one of the a joke, my first line of guard was “It’s a living being. Indeed! It’s a chicken, yet at the same time a living being.”

It doesn’t make any difference how much money related worth we join to it. It’s a living being and everyone merits a possibility. Doesn’t make any difference what you need to confront.

Along these lines, you know – ideally the chicken is hard that no one at any point needs to eat it and I will ideally be so fortunate to have a rooster on the ranch that will wake us with its crowing in the first part of the day. That is to say assuming it endures the following 24 hours!

What an invaluable story. A story with numerous illustrations. Everybody on earth gets another opportunity. Indeed, we need to continue to mind without checking out the cost. Whatever the world says, we continue to trust and dreaming. What struck me was the cockerel’s fortitude. Through the mud and slick water, he held tight energetically. What’s more without the travelers in any event, being familiar with him.

Furthermore in a manner that is valid for God too. Without us understanding it, God continues to clutch us. Indeed, even in the sloppy water where we regularly track down ourselves

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16May the Master be really among you!

Say thanks to God!

Sacred writing

2 Thessalonians 3:16-18


Is God with you?

Do you live as though He is?

Do others see it?


Ruler, I truly need you. I can’t battle through the world all alone. Much thanks to you for promising that You will be with us every one of our days, until the apocalypse. So be it.

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